Sep 1:40 PM


Sep 1:40 PM
Sep 1:40 PM



Lakeshore friends—

There is power in having a vision!  It’s important for our lives, for our families, for our careers, and for our church too.  Without it, we lose the focus we need and life becomes a daily grind without clear direction.

On Thursday, we will hold Vision Night (7-8pm in the Auditorium) and I hope you’ll be here to learn about our plans for the upcoming ministry year and beyond.  My desire is to help you hear our vision and how it impacts what we’re doing to fulfill it in the next season.  While many see obstacles, we need to see opportunities because that’s what God wants us to see.  After all, He’s in control!  Vision helps us look up and see God more clearly.

We have an exciting future ahead of us if we seize the opportunities God has given us.  I hope you’ll be here to hear it and be a part of it.



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