Jul 4:25 PM


Jul 4:25 PM
Jul 4:25 PM



Lakeshore Friends—

I think our summer series has been off to a fantastic start, and the mantra that keeps coming to the surface is the idea that emotions should act as indicators and not guides.  So true!  When we allow our emotions to drive our decisions, that’s when we find ourselves in trouble. 

But this begs the question…what happens when we are past that?  What happens when we either miss or ignore the indicators, or did use them as guides, and now we are stuck, overwhelmed, and feeling hopeless?  Enter the reality of depression.  As someone who has struggled with depression all my life, I am all too familiar with it.  But through a lot of prayer, support and professional help, I have learned that while we may never be able to fully defeat it, we can absolutely deal with it.  King David was someone who struggled too. 

Can’t wait to see you this Sunday at 9 or 11 as we dig into this!




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