Jul 12:30 PM


Jul 12:30 PM
Jul 12:30 PM



Lakeshore Friends—

Our summer series is off to a fantastic start! So far we’ve tackled anger and fear, but let me ask you a question…what do we do with rejection? We have all faced it at one point in our lives, and are sometimes rejected by people we never thought would do that. Rejection can truly be a crippling thing to experience and can lead to all sorts of emotional troubles. 
That’s why this week we are going to talk about Redirecting Rejection. There is way to redirect it, especially if we know that the rejection is because we are doing what God is asking of us.  Make sure you don’t miss out on the next part of our summer series, “Upping Your Emotional I.Q.,” on Sunday at 9 and 11am. 
Hope to see you then!


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