Aug 2:06 PM


Aug 2:06 PM
Aug 2:06 PM



Lakeshore friends—

On Monday, the staff went downtown to the corner of Main Street and Clinton Avenue to hand out water to everyone we saw for about an hour and a half as part of our love week project.  What did we see?

-People who mostly received us well and appreciated the no-strings-attached gift.
-People who really need a lot of love and encouragement.
-People who thanked God and told us that God is good.
-People who looked like they were not doing well, at least financially, and likely in other ways.

A number of years ago, a friend said, “You have never locked eyes with a person who did not matter to God,” and I believe that.  Our goal was simply to show people through our simple acts that they mattered to God.

Every day, every Sunday, we get a chance to do the same thing.  We can help people see that they matter to God, and in turn help them put their faith in Him through Jesus.  This is something that I was reminded of again this past Monday.

I hope you’ll help someone know that they matter to God, and that they matter to you too.



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