Sep 3:25 PM


Sep 3:25 PM
Sep 3:25 PM

It’s important to remember what’s important.  We remember birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and friendships because they’re important. 


The problem is that sometimes we can forget what’s important or (almost as bad) we can simply lose sight of how significant something that happened a while ago is because of the passage of time.  We forget anniversaries, birthdays, friends, and the like.  We can also forget or lose sight of the most important thing— namely, how amazing it is that God would save us by simply putting our faith in Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.  How amazing it felt to be forgiven by Him, free in Him, and filled with joy, meaning, and purpose in life, even when it gets hard.


God knew that so he calls us to a special event designed to help us continually remember Him, and we know it as communion.


I hope you’ll be here for a special service where we will better understand communion and then allow everyone who is a Christian to take communion at the end of our services.  I am trusting God that this will be an important and impactful service.  But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to be here.  I hope you will.  I also hope to see you on Saturday for our Church-Wide Prayer event at 9:30 am!





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