Jul 8:34 AM

God knows it all

Jul 8:34 AM
Jul 8:34 AM

JULY 28, 2022


Hi Lakeshore,

I am very happy to report that the goose problem at the Lakeshore front door seems to have been resolved.  There have been no geese and no goose droppings sighted for the past couple of weeks.  I’m also delighted to report that no geese and no pastors were harmed in the removal of the geese from the front door.  Apparently, the key to moving the geese to new “rest areas” is to  “chase ‘em until they fly.”  I’m sure there’s an important life lesson in that wisdom, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is... 

There will be another life lesson this Sunday as we ponder the next topic in our God is... series.  This week we consider God’s Omniscience.  Omniscience means God is all-knowing.  You might be asking: how does God’s omniscience help me in my life?  We will be learning that and much more this Sunday.

I hope you are doing summer really well this year.  We have a couple more months of warm weather to get in all the activities of summer.  Then we shift to the serious business of football and goose season.  Just kidding; kind of! 

Hope to see you Sunday morning.

Many prayers and many blessings!
Pastor Brian



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