Dec 10:19 PM


Dec 10:19 PM
Dec 10:19 PM


Lakeshore Friends—


With this week came a new mandate from our Governor on the wearing of masks (FYI, we sent out an email on Monday to those of you on this list but now we are exploring whether this mask mandate is in fact legally binding for us or if we can maintain our much preferred position of optional mask wearing).  This matter has caused me to reflect on the laws and heritage of our nation and the amazing rights and freedoms we have here in the United States.  No nation is as free and helpful to its citizenry as ours, and it’s greater than any other in the world.  Afterall, people are not leaving our country, they are trying to come here in droves.

What role did the birth of Jesus Christ play in this?  A lot more than you know.  I’ll talk about how on Sunday.

Christmas is just over a week away and we want to be used by God to help you relish in the beauty of Jesus Christ’s birth.  We will do our best to do that this Sunday and again on Christmas Eve at 3pm and 6pm to help you (and that will close out our in-person services for 2021 as the Sunday, December 26 service will be online only, kicking off the new series, “The Life You Really Want”).

Thanks, and I hope to see all of you personally on Sunday and next Friday for the “always electric” Christmas Eve services.




P.S. Are you asking God to guide you in His will for your part in Making Waves 2022? You can impact starving children, poor families, and lost souls with the love of Jesus if you do. Find out more here: Please turn in your Commitment Card by the end of the year if at all possible.



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