Jun 8:20 PM


Jun 8:20 PM
Jun 8:20 PM

JUNE 23, 2022


Lakeshore Friends—

I hope that last Sunday was the highlight of your weekend.  Along with the service honoring all the men for Father’s Day, our desire is to really get us all to start understanding how to work through conflict in the most God-honoring way possible with the new series, “Conquering Conflict With Others”.

If you missed last week, we covered James 4:1-12 and saw that the cause of all conflict is “competing desires” inside of us.  James also gave us the cure for all conflict which is to have our desires be godly— that is shaped by what God wants us to do.

While last week was the “what” of conflict resolution, this Sunday is all about the “how” of conflict resolution.  I’m convinced that as easy as it will be to understand, it is equally as hard to do, at times.  But when we do it, we are always better off in the long run.

Do you have people you are in conflict with and you just don’t know what to do?  We’re here to help you.

I am so thankful that our church is made up of so many great people who strive to resolve conflict well.  It’s a gift from God and a tribute to all of you that our church strives to resolve things so biblically.

Thanks for being such a great church!  You inspire me and make me proud to be your pastor.




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